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Rob's Links

Following is a series of links that I have found interesting. Some are related to jewelry, others are just interesting.

Jeffery Herman 

Jeff is a master silver restorer and conservator. Take a look at his website as there is a lot of information there about how to take care of your silver pieces. Unfortunately Jeffery died this past April. He will be missed.

Milt Fischbein

Milt is a maker and teacher of the ancient art of filigree.

Bailiwick Market and Cafe

Bailiwick Market and Cafe is located on Route 5 one mile west of Elbridge, NY. It is great place to stop for good food, drink and Rob Meixner - Jewelry

Jordan, NY

Jordan is a quiet little village that I call home. It is located on Route 31 between Auburn and  Syracuse, NY on the old path of the Erie Canal. Much of our local history comes from the canal. Jordan is well know for its Memorial Day Parade and the Jordan Fall Festival. 


How To Make Ear Wires

This PDF shows how to make identical earring wire pairs.

Casting a Staghorn Coral  Fossil in Sterling Silver

This PDF shows the steps I use to cast an impression of a real staghorn coral fossil into a sterling silver pendant. I have to make a model of the fossil impression out of polyester resin. Once the resin is cured, I can use it as a model in traditional delft clay casting to make the finished pendant. 

How To Cast and Roll An Ingot

This PDF show how to cast and roll an ingot from sterling silver scrap using a metal two piece mold..

Steve Lindsay Engraving

Steve is a master engraver from whom I have purchased all of my engraving tools. Now I need to figure out how to use them. Take a look at Steve's website for some amazing engraving art.

How to Cast and Roll and Ingot 2.0

This PDF show how to cast and roll an ingot from sterling silver scrap using Petrobond casting clay.

The Toolbox Initiative

A non-profit run by Tim McCreight and Matthieu Cheminee that helps to put jewelry tools in the hands of  jewelers in West Africa.  

The Jordan Historical Society

The JHS Museum is located in the Jordan Bramley Library in Jordan, NY.

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