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I began making jewelry in my father's shop in Elbridge, NY in 1973.  My father made heavy twisted and forged sterling silver and gold bracelets for over fifty years. He was a willing teacher, but he also required that I build my own shop, buy my own tools and respect his designs. The next year I built my first shop in our house on Rose Street in Jordan, New York. These conditions served me well as they forced me to grow as an artist and to develop my own style. In 1981 my career took my family and me to the Southern Tier of New York state, where I along with my art grew. Many of my designs reflect the influence of my father. Over the years, however, my art has evolved through the incorporation of new techniques, new tools and materials to include not only traditional Meixner style bracelets, but also those designs that are uniquely mine. Dad died in 1995. In 1997 my professional duties as a school administrator brought my family and me back to Jordan. As in every house that we have owned, I built my shop and started making jewelry. My line has grown to include earrings, rings, pendants and other accessories but, like my father and brother, I specialize in cuff style sterling silver, 14 K gold, and mixed metal bracelets. In 2008 I renewed my interest in lapidary and started cutting and polishing semi precious stones. By adding lapidary I am no longer limited to industry standard stone sizes and can maximize the design potential of a piece of semi precious rock rough. This has required a big investment in time, knowledge and new equipment, much of which I have designed and built myself. In June 2009 I retired to spend more time doing the things that I hadn't had time for in the past. The list includes: travel, gardening, going to the gym, reading, looking after the grandchildren, oh! and making lots of jewelry. Rob Meixner - Jewelry is a hobby, but one at which I have to occasionally sell my work in order to keep my hobby going. My work can be purchased directly from me via email and website conversations or by a visit to my shop. You can also purchase my work locally at  Bailiwick in Elbridge, NY. I welcome your ideas and special jewelry and lapidary needs as many of my best ideas and designs have come from working with my customers. Special projects require that my customer and I spend time in my shop exploring various design options, as it is important to me that the final piece not only look good, but also be comfortable and safe to wear. Feel free to make an appointment to visit me in my shop where the tradition of Rob Meixner - Jewelry continues. Please stay safe and happy.

Rob Meixner - Summer 2024  HOT!

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